How to fight of the Monster
by Lee Sojot

Many Sim City 2000 players often ask whether they should have a military base of not. While this decision eventually is left up to the preferences of the player, it is best to know all the pros and cons of these bases. Hopefully, this little tidbit may prove usefull.

I have found that military units are able to drive away the monster. In my larger cities, pollution becomes difficult to control and the monster always comes wreck havoc and mayhem. It then occurred to me (after being visited by the creature for the tenth time in the same hour) that is should try fighting the monster with my army tanks. This was much inspired by those 1950's movies of giant invading monsters fighting patriotic army men in downtown Tokyo or Los Angeles. Lo and behold, the monster was driven off without any part of my precious city scorched by its rays.

The key to driving of the monster is to keep the military units DIRECTLY UNDER THE MONSTER at all times. Apparently, the monster finds it bothersome hovering in one place preparing to unleash its death beams while being targeted army tanks, consequently, the monster monster moves off to find a better spot. If you keep up the pressure with your tank(s), the monster will eventually leave your city to find easier prey.

As I was using a DOS computer, I do not know if this works for a MAC of Windows. On my computer it seems to work consistently (of course, my computer could be experiencing some sort of bizarre fluke). Also, I do not recall off hand what game version I was using (though I know it was one of the earlier ones), and so cannot guaranty success on other versions. I encourage anybody to test it themselves and report their results.

Some times the monster is nice:

Usually when the monster attacks your city, its leaves a trail of flaming destruction. Once in awhile the monster is nice and decides to leave a path of trees, water or wind-mills.

How to get a nice Monster:

Load up a city and select Monster from the disaster window and wait. If the monster is nice, great. If not, try again. After a few attempts, you should have a nice monster.

See the kind monster leave a trail of trees

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