How To Build A Reinforced Highway Girder Bridge
by Jason Overland

This is a bit tricky!!!

  • Do not drag the highway across the river. Simply click. If you drag, you will only be offered a standard highway bridge.
  • Make sure both shores are straight. No jagged shoreline!
  • Make sure the highway pointer is halfway in the water and halfway on land on both sides of the shore. This ensures that the bridge will meet the other side just right.
  • Make sure there is nothing blocking the path of the bridge three tiles deep and two tiles wide on both sides of the shore. The bridge needs room to build it's huge cement supports on both sides.
When you set it up just right you should be offered a Select Bridge menu offering you the choice to build a Highway bridge or a Reinforced bridge. Choose Reinforced and you will have your Reinforced Highway Girder Bridge
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