How to capture SimCity 2000 screens in Windows
To save a city do the following:
  1. Bring up your city in SimCity 2000 for windows
  2. Rotate, move, zoom, etc. your city to get it the way you want it to look
  3. Click on the title bar of the main SimCity 2000 window so that you capture the entire window
  4. Press the PrintScrn button to copy the SimCity 2000 window to the clip-board
  5. Switch to your favorite graphics program that handles bitmap images.
  6. Paste the image into that editor (select Paste from Edit menu is the most common way)
  7. Save it and your done!

Note: SCURK for Windows has an "Export City" option in the File menu that allows you to save your images as a bitmap (*.BMP) image.

This Web Page was created by Patrick Coston July 16, 1995, Last updated April 4, 2006