How to capture SimCity 2000 screens on the Macintosh
by Merle F. McClelland

The following tells you how to capture SimCity 2000 screens as image files on the Mac under System 7.X:

The Mac uses Command-Shift-3 as the screen capture key combination. Each time these three keys are pressed simultaneously, a new PICT file is created in the top folder of your boot disk, named "Picture1", "Picture2", etc. PICT files can be opened by most Mac applications (paint, draw, word processing, even TeachText/SimpleText). You'll hear a camera shutter sound as the snapshot is made.

The snapshot captures everything on the screen, so if your SimCity window occupies the entire viewing area of your monitor, I recommend dragging the top of the tool palette and the status window onto the bottom scrollbar to reveal the portions of the view window that they cover. You can use a paint program to remove the menu bar, window title bars, scrollbars, and other undesired portions of the final image.

Double click on the PICT file and TeachText or SimpleText will open it for quick viewing.

That's it!

Merle F. McClelland

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