How to get rid of a Military base

Question: How to I get ride of my military base? I can't seem to bulldoze it."

Answer: If you query a tile and discover it is zoned as military, you will be unable to bulldoze it. Raising and Lowering destroys the buildings on those tiles including military base buildings. It also de-zones the tiles regardless of whether it is zoned as Residential, Commercial, Industrial, Seaport, Airport or Military. Even if you destory the entire base, you'll still have military protection.

Note: You can't raise-terrain on a military-zoned tile so you have to start on a non-military zoned tile. You can, however, lower-terrain on a military-zoned tile and this is often the best way since it reduces the chance of destroying buildings around the base.

If you have SCURK, you can use it to bulldoze a military base. Even though the base will be completely gone, you will still be able to to dispatch your military during an emergency.

More Info: You can build things on empty military-zoned tiles.

The following 1x1 tile buildings will de-zone an empty military-tile when built on it (if you have SimCity 2000 for DOS).

  • small parks
  • water pumps
  • water
  • sub stations
Note that you can build 2x2, 3x3 and 4x4 buildings on one or more empty military-zoned tile and those tiles will be de-zoned. Sections of highway can be built partially or entirely on empty military zoned tiles. This works for both DOS and Windows. If you have SimCity 2000 for windows, only water will de-zone an empty military zoned tile. (see Note 1).

After you build these, you can bulldoze them and use those tiles as empty land, for trees or water, or whatever else you feel like.

If you wanted to raise-terrain from the center of a military base to destory it, you must first de-zone one of the middle tiles. You can only do this if you have an empty tile (usually you do). Build something cheap (parks are $20 whereby water pumps and water-tiles are both $100 and sub stations are $200) on one of the empty military-base tiles, then bulldoze it. Now you have a de-zoned tile in the middle of the military base with which you can use to raise-terrain and destory the base.

Note 1: This info was not tested on the Mac. Test it yourself!

The following things can be built on a military-zoned tile but will not de-zone it (which means you can't bulldoze them):
  • trees - trees grow on military-zoned tiles and you can add more trees, but you can't bulldoze them! They are now protected by the military.
  • hiway on-ramp - It is actually possible to build an on-ramp on an empty military-zoned tile (as long as you follow the rules of building on-ramps). Once built, it can't be bulldozed. If you query that on-ramp tile you'll see that it is still zoned as military.
  • rubble (if you raised terrain and destroyed part of a runway, that remaining runway turns to rubble, but remains zoned for military.

The following things cannot be built on (or under) a military-zoned tile
  • road tiles
  • power lines
  • rail tiles
  • subway tunnels
  • water pipes

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