SimCity 2000 Advice
Twenty SimCity 2000 Tips:
  1. Do not make zones too far from roads and powerlines.
  2. Water is not nescessary, but if you want a dense population it is essential.
  3. Do not use solar, hydroelectric, or wind power plants as your main source of energy.
  4. When your population gets over 50,000 make highways.
  5. A highway is useless without an onramp.
  6. Always make connections to your nieghbors.
  7. Arcologies bring in a lot of crime.
  8. You only need a few fire stations if you put it on no disasters.
  9. Build lots of schools near resedential areas to help keep crime down.
  10. Use some form of public transit like busses, subways, or railroads to keep pollution down.
  11. Once you have enough money lower taxes to help the population grow.
  12. Promotional ordinances help bring people to town.
  13. Once you have enough money by a fusion power plant if they are invented.
  14. Your zoning should consist of 1/2 residential, 1/4 industrial and 1/4 commercial.
  15. Read the newspapers regularly.
  16. In areas with high crime build lots of parks.
  17. Whenever one of the gifts become available build it, it's free and it helps the city.
  18. Build an airport to make even more sims move in your city.
  19. When zoning, use dense for more population but more pollution or light for less of both.
  20. To avoid airplane crashes do not put tall buildings near the airport.
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