SimCity 2000 Advice: Making Money
Question: Steve Collier

Help!! Every time I start up a new city, I always end up with a negative cash flow. I don't think I've ever actually made any money. It seems the game is more than willing to take your money, but is pretty stingy in giving it out. How do you bring in more revenue. Cutting funding gives me a paltry reduction in outlay of capital, not even enough to really be worth it, and raising taxes doesn't do much either What I need to know is, how do you make money in this game? I've only had it a week and I'm getting kind of frustrated.

Strategic Advice: Greg Kelly

When I first started to play the game I had the same problems. Here are some of my tips

  1. Start off with a coal power plant
  2. Remember that in 50 years you will have to buy another one
  3. DO NOT ISSUE BONDS.If you issue a bond at 7% it cost 700 dollars a year.Only the rates are around 2 or 3 and you still will be making money every turn should you consider it
  4. Put on all the city ordanases that give you money.Later in the game you can put in the other ones.
  5. Put on NO DISASTERS and put fire coverage down to zero.
  6. Build police stations but don't fund them. They are expensive to fund. You can gradually bring up the funding. In my city they cost 10,800 !!
  7. Don't build much commercial in the beginning. It's not needed.
  8. Keep taxes around 7 or 8%.
  9. Expand-You get more tax dollars(Watch out though, If you go to far you will need a second power plant.If you can't>> afford it stop your expansion and wait for funds to rise so you can safely buy a plant.

Strategic Advice: Saundra King

Are you building a seaport? I find it helps to generate money. You dont have to connect with roads or anything Just power. and it can be anywhere on the map. To get piers the water must be at least two deep. You can even put them on lakes.

Strategic Advice: Jerry Moore

Here are my tips for keeping a positive cash flow when you first start out.

  1. Drop funding on everything to 15% except transportation.
  2. Use the water tool and place a few hydroelectric plants
  3. Start building from as close to the center of the city as possible
  4. Keep your roads to a minimum-build 3 tiles out both sides
  5. Do not add any police stations, fire stations, schools, hospitals, parks, etc. until the sims ask for them
  6. Keep your tax rate at 7-8%
  7. Do not fund any ordinances
  8. Build slowly from the center out
  9. Let your zones fully develop before adding more
  10. Keep R = C + I
  11. When the city is small, use a lot more I than C
  12. Watch demand indicator carefully-only build when +

Strategic Advice: Patrick Coston (

When I'm planning a city with no cheats, I have to watch my spending and start small and build slowly. Don't lay down too many roads because you pay for those. Don't lay down too many police because they cost money. Don't lay down too much of any thing that cost money. Go to the budget window and lower funding for everything except transportation. Keep that at 100% because it's a pain to keep after road tiles that go bad. Be sure to keep a good balance between work and play. Give the sims parks, marinas, stadiums, but a little a time. When your city starts to really grow consider an airport and seaport. Then neighbor connections. Make road/rail/highway connections. Each helps in it's own way.

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