Christian Jennings SimStuffers Strategy Collection
Q: How big should I build my RCI blocks?
A: I prefer to make them 6 by 6 so this way they have two chances to build to their extreme.
Q: What should I put if my traffic is heavy?
A: I suggest using the SimBus System. The sims only ride the subway for one stop. And I don't see that many sims walking.
Q: How and where and should I put down my libraries and schools?
A: I have found that sim kids attend school more when it located next to residential and a police station nearby. You can put the schools anywhere next to residential. I have also found that libraries supply more books when they are located next to a school.
Q: How big should I make my first/any airport?
A: Making airports should depend on how you want the planes to land. It has to have enough room to build a runway and a control tower. Personaly, I like it best when my planes take off over water.
Q: Should I give the military permission to build in my city? I mean, does it make a difference?
A: I always give them the land, it's really up to you. It says that it could raise new problems. I have never had a problem with the military, and again it's completely up to you.
Q: I was wondering, woild anything happen if I didn't put down any of my awards? And where should I put my awards?
A: I would refer to the above question, it's a matter of what you want, and where you want it. I ussually try to put my mayors house in the middle of the city, and my statue on a mountain in the middle of my river with waterfalls on the side.
Q: What should I do in reference to those nim-wit airplane pilots?
A: Just don't build any tall buildings around the airports, and avoid alot of roads surrounding the airport. it confuses the pilotes and helicopter guy.
Q: I just wanted to know what sims like best such as flat land or mountains on the terrain.
A: All sims have their own personality, I think that most sims prefer some mountains and some flatland so that the climate isn't too cold or hot. I have also found that if you name a city Sunnyville or Sunopolis etc. that is causes your city to be sunny just about year round.
Q: Should I put a lot of parks in my city?
A: No, if you put a bunch of parks that raises the land value therfore making it too expensive for lower and some middle class sims to live there. This means that your population won't get very big 'cause you are only attracting the rich sims, unless that is what you want.
Q: How can I get my population to grow rapidly?
A: Use a hex-editor to give you 200 billion dollars then put the tax rate down to zero. Or you could always put dense everything and give them anything they want when they ask for it.
Q: What is the best way to put out a small fire? A big one?
A: To put out a small and big fire pause the game, then possition your fire department emergencie thingies where the fire is and unpause it. If you do not have enough fire departments, pause the game put down some more fire stations.

Content provided by Christian Jennings, Ex-President of the late SimStuffers Club

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