The Pirate Squid Club: A biography of sorts
The following is e-mail from Jeff Feil (Quam):
From: 	Jeff Feil[]
Sent: 	Friday, June 21, 1996 12:15 AM
To: 	Patrick Coston
Subject: 	Re: Pirate Squid


Yes, indeed, you'll find many things lurking about. The Pirate Squid Club is
(more or less) a bunch of crazed electroputer geeks who abuse technology.
I'll send you our Charter.

So you want to know about how this all started... Well, okay, here's the
short version. Consider this a biography of sorts:

Well, the PSQ started a few years ago. I guess it was around
1992 or 1993 sometime. A bunch of us grew up in the Central Valley of
Northern California. Stockton/Sacramento area. There's no real technology
there like there is out here in Silicon Valley. So we made due with frying
electronic stuff in Duane Wright's and Lyle Buckley's electronics classes at
Delta College (Stockton). We learned the ways of hacking and building
things. Before you know it, we formed a clique of our own, and soon found
ourselves holding little parties we called "Nerdfests". Kind of like a party
party, except more nuclear. We'd have soda with dry ice. Or launch 2-liter
bottles with CO2. Or see how we could reflect a laser throughout the house.
Or sometimes just watch while Chris got real drunk and plowed through
screendoors. (Funny. Chris has this thing with breaking doors.)

Before you know it, we're all working for Maxis. Since then, most of us
split, but I still work there. Love it. Throughout it all, we donned the
name "Pirate Squid Club", with the motto "Dedicated to the furthering of
uselessness by abusing technology and fusing information."

Where did the name come from? Who knows! (That's our little secret.)
 For more info, check out the PSQ homepage at The pages will change soon, as a
new girlfriend means new Web pages. Not a bad thing. She's a nerd, of sorts.

If you really really really are intrigued by all this weirdness, you can read
The Slosh, a 500K document compiled by some of us, maintained by Dr. Emu
(chief executive censor).

Feel free to throw a link up. I'll see if I can email you a UU-encoded GIF of
the PSQ logo, designed by Brain Smith (he should get proper credit for the
logo). Thanks!

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