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Q: How many different kinds of arcos are there?
A: 4

Q: What is an arcology?
A: An arco is self-contained city in a building that has its own police stations, schools etc. Each arco can hold up to 65,000 people. There is more than one kind of Arcology.

Q:What kinds of arcos are there?
A: There are four kinds of Arcologies called Plymouth Arco, Forest Arco, Darco, and Launch Arco. Before the game was created they had 5 and 4 made it into the game. The Lost (Crystal) Arco did not make it. There is no code to get it. The only way you could get it is if you have SCURK.

Q: What are the populations of each kind of arco?
A:Here is a chart with the populations of each kind of arco and what kind of arco.
  • Plymouth Arco 55,000
  • Forest Arco 30,000
  • Darco 45,000
  • Launch Arco 65,000

Q: What year do they become available?
A: Here is a chart with the year that each arco becomes available and the kind of arco
  • Plymouth Arco 2000
  • Forest Arco 2050
  • Darco 2100
  • Launch Arco 2150

Q: What are the costs of each arco?
A: Here is a chart with the cost of each arco.
  • Plymouth Arco 100,000
  • Forest Arco 120,000
  • Darco 150,000
  • Launch Arco 200,000

Q: What rewards are there?
A: Mayor's House, City Hall, Statue, Military Base, Llama Dome, Arcologies.

Q: At what population do you get them?
A: Here is a chart that shows what population you get them at and the award.
  • Mayor's House 2,000
  • City Hall 10,000
  • Statue 30,000
  • Military Base 60,000
  • Llama Dome 90,000
  • Arcologies 120,000

Q:Why should I care about the Weather?
A: The Weather causes the likeliness of Roits and fires, it affects the output of water pumps, Solar and Wind Power plants.

Q:What color is a Sim-Car?
A: Blue

Q: How many kinds of Power Plants are there?
A: 9

Q:What kinds of Power Plants are there?
A: Coal, Hydroelectric, Oil, Gas, Nuclear, Wind, Solar, Microwave, and Fusion.

Q: What year do they become available?
A: Here is a chart with the year they become avialable.
  • Coal 1900
  • Hydroelectric 1900
  • Oil 1900
  • Gas 1950
  • Nuclear 1955
  • Wind 1980
  • Solar 1990
  • Microwave 2020
  • Fusion 2050

Q: How much do they cost?
A: Here's a chart with how much they cost.
  • Coal $4,000
  • Hydroelectric $400
  • Oil $6,600
  • Gas $2,000
  • Nuclear $15,000
  • Wind $100
  • Solar $1,300
  • Microwave $28,000
  • Fusion $40,000

Q: What's the cost per MW?
A: Here is a chart with the cost per MW.
  • Coal $20
  • Hydroelectric $20
  • Oil $30
  • Gas $40
  • Nuclear $30
  • Wind $25
  • Solar $26
  • Microwave $17.5
  • Fusion $16

Q: How many MWs does each power plant put out?
A: Here is a chart showing how many MWs they put out
  • Coal 200
  • Hydroelectric 20
  • Oil 220
  • Gas 50
  • Nuclear 500
  • Wind 4
  • Solar 50
  • Microwave 1600
  • Fusion 2500

Q: When are those other things invented?
A:Here is a chart that shows what year they are invented.
  • Subway systems 1910
  • Buses $ Bus Depots 1920
  • Highways 1930
  • Water treatment plants 1935
  • Desalinization plants 1990

Q: What's the best Water Pump design?
A: I think theres two ways that are pretty good. One is to have a 2x2 area with water pumps on it surrounded by 1 tile of water on the sides and corners. Then have 1 water pump around each tile of water. Ok now to the 2nd one. Put a dot of water and surround it by water pumps.

Q: How many Military bases are there?
A: 4

Q: What military bases are there?
A: Army, Airforce, Navy, Missile-Silo

Q: What's the best military base from greatest to least for fighting monsters?
A: Army, Navy, Airforce, Missile-Silo Missle silos blow up your city more than the monster.

Q: Is a military base worth building?
A: Not really all they do is help get rid of disasters which you don't need if you have disasters off, they create crime and other than that they waste space. If I were you I wouldn't get a base or unless you thought you'd get an army or navel base.

Q: What is playing at the Sim drive-in?
A:Simant, another simulation game from MAXIS.

Q: What is a Llama Dome?
A: A tower where your citizens get married, Bungee jump, and have fun. You also get it at 90,000 people

Q: What does the auto-budget do?
A: It prevents the budget window from popping up each year.

Q: What is the minumum tile-size for an airport?
A: 2x6

Q: What does a desalinization plant do?
A: It pumps salt water while removing the salt.

Q: What is an industrial thingamajig?
A: One of the many buildings in an industrial zone.

Q: What is a microsim?
A: Little simulations that track local statistics.

Q: What disasters aren't in the disasters windows?
A: Nuclear Meltdown, Chemical Spill, Pollution Disaster, Microwave Beam Disasters, Volcanoes, Helicopter crash, Major Flood, Mass riots, Firestorm.

Q: What does EQ stand for?
A: Educational Quotient

Q: What is super-sim?
A: A hero that helps you fight disasters.

Q: What bridges let ships pass?
A: highway reinforced girder bridge, raising bridges, suspension bridges.

Q: How do you set ordinances?
A: To bring up the ordinance window, click on the book icon in the budget window for ordinances.

Q: How do you find out your citizen approval rating?
A: From one of the newspapers or from the Mayor's House.

Q: How many different kinds of disasters are there?
A: 16

Q: How do you build a neighbor connection?
A: Click on an empty tile next to a neighbor with either the road tool, the rail tool or the highway tool.

Q: Do you need fire stations with disasters off?
A: no, or unless the citizens demand a fire department.

Q: Is it ok to take more thann bonds at a time?
A: no. It would be impossible to pay off the interest.

Q: Do you need roads connecting to you're ports?
A: no. Your ports will develop and nurture your industrial zones even though they are not connected to any mode of transportation. The simulation just checks to see if they exist, and what size they are. A larger industry demands a larger sea-port. A larger commerce demands a larger airport.
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