Names of Everything
Names of every neighbors
  1. Ocean
  2. Oak Creek
  3. Denmont
  4. Fort Verdegris
  5. Schwinton
  6. Mill Valley
  7. Petaluma
  8. PortVille
  9. Ashland
  10. Eubanks
  11. Aurac
  12. Tent Pegs
  13. Cherryton
  14. Blake
  15. Pioneers
  16. Fortune
  17. Phippsville
  18. Jeromi
  19. Harpersville
  20. Washers Grove
  21. Stars County
  22. Villa
  23. Serviland
  24. Newton
  25. Avon
  26. Dexter
  27. Sinistrel
  28. Jenna
  29. Yestonia
  30. New Boots
  31. Hoek Creek
  32. Stimpleton
  33. Little Rouge
  34. Krighton
  35. Cats Corner
  36. Rimmer
  37. Lister
Names of Industries:
  • Howard Industries
  • Genenco
  • Boxacon
  • Texxon
  • Roxie Enterprises
  • Cypress Industrial
  • Slash & Bournes
  • Max Products
  • Wonderco
  • Katzenjammers
Names of objects:
  • Rubble
  • Radioactive
  • waste
  • Park
  • Railway
  • Tunnel entrance
  • Suspension bridge
  • Bridge
  • Highway entrance
  • Highway bridge
  • Subway to Rail
  • Lower-class homes
  • Middle-class homes
  • Luxury homes
  • Gas station
  • Bed & Breakfast
  • Inn
  • Convenience store
  • Small office building
  • Office building
  • Warehouse
  • Cassidy's Toy Store
  • Chemical storage
  • Industrial substation
  • Construction
  • Abandoned building
  • Cheap apartments
  • Apartments
  • Nice apartments
  • Condominium
  • Shopping center
  • Grocery store
  • Resort hotel
  • Office / Retail
  • Chemical processing Factory
  • Large apartment building
  • Office park
  • Office tower
  • Mini-mall
  • Theatre Square
  • Drive-in
  • theater
  • Parking lot
  • Historic office building
  • Corporate headquarters
  • Large factory
  • Industrial thingamajig
  • Large warehouse
  • Hydroelectric power
  • Wind power
  • Natural gas
  • power plant
  • Oil power plant
  • Nuclear power plant
  • Solar power plant
  • Microwave power receiver
  • Fusion power plant
  • Coal power plant
  • Police station
  • Fire station
  • Water pump
  • Runway
  • Pier
  • Crane
  • Control tower
  • BuildingTarmac
  • F-15b
  • Hanger
  • Subway station
  • Radar
  • Water tower
  • Bus station
  • Rail station
  • Loading bay
  • Top secret
  • Cargo yard
  • man
  • Water treatment plant
  • Hangar
  • Church
  • Missle silo
  • Desalinization plant
  • Plymouth Arcology
  • Forest Arcology
  • Darco Arcology
  • Launch Arcology
  • Braun Llama-dome
  • Subway entrance
  • Clear terrain
  • Fresh water
  • Salt water
  • First Light (Capt. J. Scirica)
  • Residential
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Military
Strings from table inside SimCity.exe:
  • Do You Want To Save Your City:
  • Rotate Counter-Clockwise
  • Rotate Clockwise
  • This is a Simcity 1.0 file\r\nDo you want it converted
  • Failed Decompression in GameRead
  • Failed Decompression in CompGameRead
  • This is not an IFF File
  • This is not a SimCity 2000 File
  • Unable To Load. Old File Version = \r\n
  • Could not change directory to the SCENARIO directory
  • Error opening directory for reading
  • Could not change directory back to original directory
  • You must select a scenario first
  • Error allocating memory
  • Unexpected Chunk Header
  • Error Writing File
  • Closing the edit window will terminate SimCity2000\r\nDo you want to exit the game?
  • No scenario files were found
  • Files not found, please try again or re-install SimCity 2000.
  • Please shutdown SimCity 2000 before exiting Windows
  • You have exceeded the maximum length for a city name.\nPlease enter a shorter name.
  • Too Many Items in 'MiscRead'
  • Sorry, you may not\r\nplace this item on\r\nthe edge of the map.
  • Your citizens urge you to\r\n reconsider the placement\r\nof this facility
  • Marinas must be placed\r\nacross shorelines\n
  • HydroElectric Dams can only\r\nbe placed on Waterfall Tiles.
  • Do you want to build a connection\r\nto your neighbor for $1000?\n
  • Do you want to build a connection\r\nto your neighbor for $1500?\n
  • We Cannot Cross Tunnels
  • Tunnel Exceeds City Limits
  • Tunnel is too Deep to Build
  • Unstable Terrain at Exit Point
  • Tunnel must start on hillside
  • Subway or Sewer Block Construction
  • You have 50 signs in your city\r\nThis is the upper limit
  • You can't place a label\r\nhere at this time\n
  • Because you have no police or firefighters, the National Guard has been deployed to your city
  • Too Many Items in 'MiscWrite'
  • Could not get current working directory
  • Invalid command line option
  • Citizens are protesting your\r\ndestruction of the forest.\n
  • Your Windows is currently configured for a display of less than 256 colors. You will need a display driver that supports 256 colors or more to run SimCity 2000®; see the README file for information about such a driver.
  • SimCity 2000 is unable to run with Windows versions previous to 4.0. You will need to upgrade your Windows to at least Version 4.0.
  • Could not extract resource from Scenario file
  • Your Nation's Military is Interested in Building a Base on Your City's Soil. This Could Mean Extra Revenues. It Could Also Raise New Problems. Do You Grant Land to the Military?
  • The Army has built a base in your city.
  • An Air Force base has been placed here.
  • A Naval base is built on your coastline.
  • Six missile sites have been placed in your city.
  • There isn't much to burn here.
  • The people of your city love you so dearly that they\r\nhave thrown a spontaneous parade in your honor.\n
  • JOY! RAPTURE! DIVINITY! You have completed all necessary\r\nobjectives for this scenario. You are awarded the key to\r\nthe city and are asked to continue in your role as\r\ncommunity leader.\n
  • You have failed to complete scenario objectives\r\nwithin the alloted span of time. It is with regret\r\nthat your citizens vote you out of office in favor\r\nof fresh management.\n
  • Due to your bungling management, your city has\r\ndropped into irretrievable debt. A delegation\r\nof citizens gently escort you from your office\n
  • The City Council believes that 50 outstanding bonds are enough.\n
  • Current Rates are %d%%\r\nDo You Want to Issue the Bond?
  • You Need $10,000 Cash\r\nto Repay an Outstanding Bond.\n
  • Oldest Bond Rate is %d%%\r\nDo You Want to Repay the Bond?
  • Due to the current fiscal crisis, the city council urges you to cut back drastically on city expenditures.\n
  • Sorry, your city may not issue more bonds\r\nuntil your credit rating improves.\n
  • I have no advice at this time.
  • We should float a bond to pay for city expansion.
  • Rates are good right now. Float a bond to take advantage.
  • These outstanding bonds are killing us. Raise taxes to pay them off.
  • Cut back on City Services to cover the budget deficit.
  • I'm proud to report that crime is at an all time low.
  • Our crime rate is comparable to the national average.
  • Crime is out of control. We need more police stations.
  • Our fire coverage is excellent.
  • Our fire response is adequate.
  • This city needs more firemen.
  • You should lower taxes to encourage growth.
  • Let's raise taxes to increase total funds.
  • Cut back on services until our funds increase.
  • The people are asking for a pollution ordinance.
  • The power plants are overworked. Let's push energy conservation.
  • A neighborhood watch program would take a bite out of crime.
  • We need an Anti-Drug campaign to help our kids.
  • Legalized Gambling has attracted an upleasant element.
  • You should drop the 1% income tax to give Residents a break.
  • You should drop the 1% sales tax to give Commerce a break.
  • Hospital services are trim, efficient and responsive.
  • We could use more hospitals.
  • A public smoking ban would benefit everyone.
  • General CPR training will assuredly save lives.
  • While expensive, Free Clinics will make you popular.
  • Current health care is adequate to our needs.
  • Educational services are adequate to our city's need.
  • We need more adequately funded grade schools.
  • We need more adequately funded colleges.
  • The transit lanes are inadequate. Float a bond and build more.
  • We have too many roads. Remove some to save on maintenance.
  • Engineer's Report:\r\nConstruction Costs Will Be %s\r\nShould We Build the Tunnel?\n
  • The newspaper is on strike.
  • The military is unable to find a suitable\nlocation for a base near your city. You\nhave the thanks of the nation for your\npatriotic acquiesence. SALUTE!!
  • Sunday
  • The
  • One Cent
  • Five Cents
  • Twenty-Five Cents
  • One Dollar
  • Five Dollars
  • A Single Penny
  • Only A Nickel
  • Still A Quarter
  • Just A Dollar
  • Merely Five Bucks
  • Price 1¢
  • Price 5¢
  • Price 25¢
  • Price $1
  • Price $5
  • Cannot Load 'TEXT',1000\nOr Cannot allocate GroupID\n_initPaperDialog_ -> _LoadTokens_\n
  • Too Many Tokens Found in\n_LoadTokens_\n
  • Unable to Find Token: '%s' in _LoadTokens_ \n
  • Unable to Allocate 'TokenData'
  • pop - 55,000
  • pop - 30,000
  • pop - 45,000
  • pop - 65,000
  • You must select a valid sport from the list,\neven if you don't select a team name
  • SimCity 2000 could not locate the %s files in the directory specified in your SC2K4WIN.INI file. Please specify the correct location for these files.
  • There are insufficient Window resources available for SimCity 2000 to continue\rPlease free up more resources and try again.
  • SimCity 2000 for Windows didn't have enough memory to open this window. Please close up some other windows and try again.\n
  • Sim City 2000 has not been properly registered with the system. Please re-install the game.
  • The exodus has begun.\n
  • Your launch arcos have\r\ndeparted into space to\r\nfound new worlds. You \r\nhave been compensated\r\nfor their construction.\n
  • No error occurred
  • An unspecified error occurred
  • The permitted number of open files was exceeded
  • There was an attempt to use an invalid file handle
  • The current working directory cannot be removed
  • There are no more directory entries
  • There was an error trying to set the file pointer
  • There was a hardware error
  • SHARE.EXE was not loaded, or a shared region was locked
  • There was an attempt to lock a region that was already locked
  • The disk is full
  • The end of file was reached
  • This copy of SimCity2000® is unregistered\r\nPlease re-install
  • Creating Hills
  • Carving Water
  • Smoothing
  • More Smoothing
  • Yet More Smoothing
  • Reticulating Splines
  • Adding Forest
  • Smoothing Coast
  • Tracing Streams
  • Analyze
  • Ruminate
  • Video Warning
  • You're not running in 256 colors. Some animations in SimCity 2000® won't display correctly.\nSee the SimCity 2000® ReadMe file for more information on changing your display drivers.\n\nThis message will not appear again.
  • Your video driver doesn't support palettes. Some animations in SimCity 2000 for Windows won't display correctly. See the SimCity 2000 ReadMe file for more information on changing your display drivers.
  • pMilTower
  • CivPark
  • MilPark
  • MilWare
  • MilSilo
  • GoTo
  • New City
  • Alpacas : #3
  • Andean LLamas : #2
  • Bungee Jumps : #0
  • Llama Sightings : #2
  • Material : Bronze
  • Other Dromedaries : #0
  • Peruvian LLamas : #1
  • Pigeons perched : #2
  • salt/tons removed : #1
  • Treated filth : #2,000 cubic feet
  • Untreated filth : #1,000 cubic feet
  • SimCity 2000 doesn't have enough memory to display your city. Please close another application to free up more memory.
  • Not enough memory
  • Warning! SimCity 2000 ran out of memory while importing %s! Not all tiles were imported. Try closing other applications and re-loading %s.
  • Causes a fire to break out
  • Causes a wave of water
  • Causes an airplane to crash
  • Causes a tornado to happen
  • Sets the earth to quakin'
  • Releases the terror of the year 2000
  • Prevents disasters
  • Arrange windows so that they overlap
  • Saves City Every 5 Years
  • Quit SimCity 2000
  • The file is too large to open.
  • Could not start print job.
  • Failed to launch help.
  • Internal application error.
  • Command failed.
  • Insufficient memory to perform operation.
  • VBX control called a VB 2.0 API\nUnpredictable actions may occur.
  • Insufficient memory to perform operation.
  • Please enter an integer.
  • Please enter a number.
  • Please enter an integer between %1 and %2.
  • Please enter a number between %1 and %2.
  • Please enter no more than %1 characters.
  • %1\nCannot find this file.\nPlease verify that the correct path and file name are given.
  • Destination disk drive is full.
  • Unable to read from %1, it is opened by someone else.
  • Invalid filename.
  • Unable to read write-only property.
  • Unable to write read-only property.
  • Unable to write read-only property.
  • Unable to read write-only property.
Easter Egg! Found inside SimCity.exe inside Version info in the Comment field
  • He tried to kill me with a forklift!
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