Meaning of keywords
For the most part, it's pretty obvious what the keywords means. It basically tells you what is special about that city. For example, if a city had the keyword blue, that would tell you that that city was mostly water.

Any keyword can be made Extreme by placing an X in front of it. For example, if a city had a huge airport or lot of airports, it would get the keyword xairpot .

Some of the less obvious keywords are defined below.

  • art - City resemble a piece of art
  • blue - City is mostly blue (water)
  • brown - City is mostly brown (dirt)
  • cheated - It is obvious the Mayor used cheats to make the city
  • chia - City is void of sims. Grow when you take it off pause
  • darco - Dark Arcology
  • desal - Desalination Plants
  • emptyrci - RCI (Residential, Commerce, Industrial) indicators are neither positive or negative
  • extreme - Very extreme in some way
  • farco - Forest Arco
  • flat - The terrain is very flat
  • floating - The city appears to be floating
  • fullrci - RCI (Residential, Commerce, Industrial) indicators are maxed out
  • green - The city is mostly green (trees)
  • grey - The city is mostly grey
  • hilly - The city is very hilly
  • larco - Launch Arco
  • metro - The city is a big Metropolis like New York city
  • micro - Microwave powered
  • parco - Plymoth Arco
  • pump - Water Pumps
  • pyramid - Terrain is build like a pyramid
  • raised - Raised Tiles used
  • solar - Solar Powered
  • steps - Terrain looks like steps
  • supersim - Super Sim is in the city
  • symetrical - City is symetrical
  • trapped - One or more airplanes are trapped in between Arcos
  • unfinished - The city is not finished
  • wind - Wind Powered
  • yellow - The city appears to be mostly yellow
  • zoning - The zoning is special
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