Do Highways really need On-Ramps?
Matt Daniels ( wrote: When I build highways, I no longer provide on-ramps, and the sims still travel on the highway. In fact, the traffic is often extremely dense on those highways that have no on-ramps.

Chris Weiss ( from Maxis wrote: That's sort of a false indicator. The problem is we only have one layer to indicate how heavy traffic is. If you've got a really busy road and plop a highway on top of it, the highway will show the same traffic as the busy road. Try using the query tool on a stretch of that particular highway that is not above any road and see what the results say.

ClubOpolis decided to find out the truth:

The highway above has no on-ramps and no roads passing underneath it and yet it still has a few cars on it. Incredible! You can't see them, but if you query it, you'll find 0 to 5 cars per minute.

The same highway this time with roads passing under it. Still no on-ramps. There is a large concentration of cars where the road passes underneath.

That same highway again, this time with on-ramps. TONS of cars!

The lesson to be learned here is don't believe everything you read. Sometimes you just have to figure stuff out on your own. A good example of this is the Phantom Water Pump. Some believe in it and some don't. Decide for yourself.

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