Michael Weburg's SimCity 2000 Advanced Strategies Handguide V2.0: High Density Zoning Tips
The recent release of the SimCity Urban renewal kit has allowed citys to grow much larger than before. This is primarily due to the ability to place 3x3 zones, instead of waiting for them to develope under the simulator. But what can you do to zone for higher densities without the renewal kit?
2.1 Be patient with your zones

Land value is the biggest influence on how dense a zone will grow, and whether or not the zone is at an intersection. So how do you increase a budding zone's value? Well, the proximity to sloped land, water, parks, educational zones, trees, and low crime and pollution can all greatly increase value. However, the amount of time a zone is exposed to these things will have a big effect on whether or not it'll grow dense. A zone will benefit by being next to forest or water, but as soon as that forest or water is destroyed, the zone looses all benefit from it. This is common when zoning large areas over forest. For example: one zone has power, and starts to grow. It has several trees adjacent to it, and thus has great potential to mature into a 3x3 zone. However, the zone next to it developes over the trees, and thus the original zone looses its value. So, the best way to have a 3x3 zone develope is to simply plot a 3x3 zone, surround it by trees, and wait until it grows. Once it has become a 3x3 zone, plot another 3x3 zone next to it. And so on. The demand for a given zone will greatly influence whether or a zone will become dense, so be sure the zone you're trying to improve is in a positive demand first.

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