Phoney SimCity Codes

Phoney Bill O'Knee posted what he called "PHONEY CODES" on the GAMES BB on Prodigy and all "heck" broke loose. The following is the Phoney-Code discussion in its entirety.

These are 100% Completely Phoney Codes:

'leather': all churches turn into biker bars
'bitch': the mayors house is replaced by the White House
'$wow': 1 million is added to your funds, your approval rating soars to 100%, your city burns down 'OJ':all the little cars turn into white Broncos
'Marlboro':the overall health rating increases by 2/3 while the pollution level increases by 1/2

These are all the codes I can think of now. Can anyone help me with more?

Phoney Bill O'knee

Do any of these codes work?
yes, all of these completely phoney codes work. yeah, that's the ticket...
What does that mean? do they work or not?
Type 'bobit' and the population cuts in half.

Slush Puppy

I typed Nichole and all the cars turned in to Ferraris
I typed Northridge and I got an earthquake
I typed Rodney King and the SimCitizens started to riot
I typed C:\SIMCITY>DELTREE C:\SIMCITY and nothing happened

like I said, all these TOTALLY BOGUS PHONEY codes will work. All you have to do is type 'CASS' a few times until your city burns to the ground then they all will work. Have fun!

Phoney Bill O'Knee

Yuh! They don't work you loser! you probily just want my city to burn down!
Type PORNTIPSGUZZARDOMCDONALDS and your Lamma dome turns into a McDonalds. Type SUPERCALIFRAJILISTICEXPIALODOCIOUS and watch Chitti-Chitti Bang-Bang on the drive-in theatre screen. Type BARNEY and turn super-sim into a flying Barney. Type LOSTINSPACE and turn the chopper into the Saturn 5. Type FLAMEON! and watch the Corporate Headquarters become the towering inferno.
These phoney,made-up,bogus,fantacy,imaginary codes do too work, dork. You're just not typing them in right. Make sure you spell them correctly.

Phoney Bill O'Knee

Don't forget, in order to get these phoney, bogus, totally made-up, completely imaginery codes to work make sure do the following while typing them in or they won't work:
  1. USER UPPER CASE ... not lower case (Caps Lock On!) lower case frightens the codes.
  2. Type with your LEFT hand only. These codes get confused when the RIGHT hand is used.
  3. DON'T look at the keyboard "while" you type. That's cheating and the codes don't like cheaters.
  4. Whistle the theme music to "My favorite Martian". you have to calm your codes with music.
  5. And lastly, but not leastly, cross your eyes and smile:-)

What is the point? Do we have a little too much time on our hands?
I think maybe you're on to something here. Maybe we could get Maxis to really incorporate some of these codes. How about an easy way to send city files to your friens where you just type in their Internet address like:
Good Idea!

More codes:
BradyBunch:your population increases by a multiple of 6.
RJ Reynolds: the corporate headquarters becomes a giant cigarette. nudie:the papers become porno magazines.
AmericanEagle: 50% chance that all planes crash after takeoff.

I need more codes...Phoney Bill O'Knee

Baseball: All stadiums burn to the ground, and multiple riots break out.
sunshine: Captain marvel (or whatever his name is) gives you a BIG surprise during a disaster.
S&L: All major corporate\industrial\residential buildings are condemned.
Clinton: You city is transformed into a back hills town.
Hillary: You don't want to know!
Newt: even with taxes off, you make highest amount possible, while all utilities (police, DOT, Fire, etc) funding is forced down to 45%
Hefner: Newspapers are transformed into pornos(I like "Hefner better than nudie, that's all <G>)
Quale: 20 Million every year, and 0% approval rating
Bush: every possible disaster occurs, yet you have as many needed helps (Police, army, fire) as you need and city rebuilds itself to what it was after disasters occur(you also gain 10,000 people)
Reagan: Ship sinks<G> health drops 25% per year

How's that?

Gee your quick!

The game came out last-year, half of his codes\events happened in the last 8 months!

hey! It's working These codes are great!
Stan Lee: Little red\blue guy starts swinging around downtown during riots
Oprah: Education drops to 64% and stays that way until approval rating reaches 95%
Donahue: You'll read ALOT about crime busts (and executions LIVE)
Jerry: Mr. M00RE starts telling you about his internet exploits<G>
whitewater: City hall turns into flood
Condomn: Health rating goes to 105 years
New York: 1 team wins a title; 5 others are "sprained out";
Crime runs rampent, and Rudy Guliani calls you... PERSONALLY

this reply is to all who have and will respond:

GOOD STUFF GUYZ!!!! Thanks, keep it up!!!! Phoney Bill O'Knee

Where and when do you type these codes anyways? Do you type the codes in the status window or whatever.....? Please E-mail reply or reply on this bb.
None of these codes work you morron!
Man your a complete idiot you actually think they would be in a game that was made before these events happened they make good games but there not psyhic
Settle down people. Remember this is just in good fun.

type in 'IDKFA' for all weapons...and 'IDDQD' for god mode....

oh wait, wrong game! Phoney Bill O'Knee

Read the title of this subject over again, carefully. That explain how to put in the codes<G>?
Ooooh! Potty-Mouth! Potty-Mouth!
Tonya: Monster begins to use a club on the city instead of a optic beam.
constipation: Water goes up to 100%
Idiot: kid who originally thought these codes were real dances on the screen saying "I'm a moron! Yes indeed! I'm a moron! Help me PLEASE!!!"
Doom: the original! Just type it in and get ready to create some carnage!

Combine RJ Reynolds with FLAMEON! to light the corporate HQ cigarette.
PNEUMONOULTRAMICROSCOPICSILICOVOLCANOCONIOSIS: A small volcano appears in your town, erupts, and kills everyone with the disease that is the code word. (I swear, it's a real word!)
KABOOM: If you have a military missile base, all the missiles fire and blow up the town
CONQUER: All the neighboring cities become part of your city
TSUNAMI: If your city has a coastline, a tidal wave comes in and washes away your city.
ANTIGRAV: Water flows upward, cars begin to fly off the roads, etc.

REDHOTCHILIPEPPERS: Approval rating soars as everyone moshes in their underwear.
HANNIBLELECTER: population decreases as everyone starts to eat each other.
MACNEIL,LEHRER: IQ raises by 50% but soon everyone dies of boardom.
SEINFELD: nothing happens....hehehe!!!
Phoney Bill O'Knee
Great codes Folks!!!! I laughed and laughed ... :()

Heres some more

JAPAN - population skyrockets, and education goes up but an earthquake comes 10 years later
LINDALOVELACE - male population GOES UP quickly, but only lasts 3 minutes

Cool. I can't think up any more decent ones! This SUCKS<G>!

Discovery: Old re-runs of "Beyond 2000" start playing in Drive-in, IQ raises 15%
Foul Words (meaning most 4 letter words): The mayor is now reffered to as Andrew Dice Clay<G>
Braves: Same result as typing "Baseball" (see previous notes)
Ito: Police coverage goes up 45%, yet crime increases 20%
Roseanne (my answer to Seinfeld): eeek! You REALLY don't want to know!!!!<G>

in 10 years. How about every ten minutes(Japan is constantly rocked by Earthquakes
Bill Gates: IQ reaches 150. Approval rating 99%
type Snoopdog-Prison turns into a Dog Pound.

Chernoble-Your nuclear plant melts down and your city turns into a barren wasteland and the next monster that visits turns green and melts and becomes part of your sewer system.

Doom2-hell comes to earth and you see a hero come into your city and kick some demon butt only to be killed by a wierd yellow fog over your city.

Power rangers-EQ drops to zero (brain dead) demand for electronics drops to zero because parents dont want their kids to see that on TV, riots break out because kids retaliate, and Aerospace industry demand soars because parents want to fly far away from their kids, and then the Power rangers Become out of style and suicide rates soar.

Gaston: Strikes break out in front of stadiums.
Do these codes really work and which computer are they for.
BUTROSBUTROSGHALI - Your military base closes down as all the troops leave for peacekeeping duties.
Here's one-- type PENTIUMCANTDIVIDE and the Technology industry drops to zero.
because I live in Denver:

DIA:your airport builds after being zoned but won't function for more than a year later.

Denver International Airport is now open for bizness. no, really...

Y'know, I never thought I'd live to see the day DIA opened....
good bye all.

My farewell note is in 'other' under PhoneyBillRetires.

It's been fun....

Dean Kain: your city name turns to Metropolis and Superman flies around saving the world.
Bill Gates should be: Approval 100% $1,000,000,000 and a booming electronics industry.
Michealangelo: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle's invade your city.... Meanwhile your Computer is slowly destroyed by a virus<VBG>

Thats a fore-warning to Monday folks, no one without anti-viral software should turn on your computers on MONDAY (that goes for all IBM-compatible computures; Mac users are okay)

PHONEY CODES work for all computers... these TOTALLY PHONEY CODES just need to be typed in.
Rushmore- Mt. Rushmore pops up out of the blue
Moon- if you use the Rushmore code, George Washington steps out of Mt. Rushmore and moons your town and all your building become abandoned because of the scary sight
Flash- lightning comes out of the sky and something rises rises out of the ground, if you use the Bobit code, the object gets sliced in half
P@rn@- (fill in @ with o) you get a real live one of those to appear playing on the screen

More to come......

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